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When we created Warrior Wedneday, it was born out of the desire and intention to celebrate our cystic fibrosis warriors, both past and present; to stand with them and show them our united support.  People with cystic fibrosis have battled their entire lives, enduring this disease through endless breathing treatments and procedures, long term hospitalizations, and transplants; and that’s why they have earned the title of CF Warriors. Warrior Wednesday was created to honor the battles our loved ones have fought and the battles they continue to fight.  Thousands of people with CF who aren’t with us today, paved the way, enduring the worst of this disease, so that the next generation of people with CF could live longer and stronger.  It’s time we honor their sacrifices in remembrance as a global community standing together. 


We have deep reverence for all cultures who use paint symbolically or spiritually.  When we researched how face and body paint has been used, what we found was inspiring. Both historically and in modern times, many diverse cultures and communities from around the world have used paint symbolically to express deep and meaningful symbology.  The adornment of paint has universally represented three main core values; to derive a sense of strength for the one who is wearing it, to come together in a unified way for a community, and to represent or fight for what’s important.


As a grassroots organization that supports people and families with cystic fibrosis, we are honored to advocate for our community alongside the various cultures around the globe who share in the tradition of wearing paint to symbolize what’s important to their communities as well.

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